Archive picture when I was a student with my 35mm film SLR Canon EOS888

The picture was taken in 1999 with my best friend Ust.Najib a.k.a Ust.Jib Nikonian. Its a lot of fun during experimenting on technical aspect like apperture, bulb and others and of course I'm a newbies that time with 35mm film format and that picture its almost 11 years and I still haved a film keep safely untill now...wow! Sometimes, when we see archive picture, its so memorable and speechless except one word " masya'Allah ". Maybe next time I have to find at the same angle again, InsyaAllah.


sebi_2569 said...

the best pics. bravo

samyk said...

Hey cool blog and really nice photos !!! :)


Anonymous said...

waahh.. ni dari mana ni? ada lagi tak "spot" macam ni.. sekarang macam dah penuh je tepi2 klcc tu :D

Mohamed Heikkal Ismail said...

sebi_2569 , samy : thanks for the comment, nothing special about this pic, just want to share my archive pic when my first time I'm holding yhe 35mm SLR film on 1999.

aalim : kawe pon dh tk pasti dh posisi mane kt tasik ni, kawe raso pon loni mcm dh penuh dh kt tp kedua2 bngunan tuh.

rocio RecaƱo said...