Wesak Eve

A Malaysian chinese buddhists celebrate the wesak day in Kuala Lumpur May 18,2008 according to informally called "Buddha's birthday,".Wesak is a most popular celebration in many Asian countries like Malaysia,Indonesia ,Thailand, Singapore and others.


Nakba Day

Malaysian people demonstrate infront of United Nation building during Nakba Palestine on 15 May every years for the Palestinian in Kuala Lumpur May 16, 2008.The annual commemoration day of the "anniversary of the creation of Israel"which marks the beginning of the 1948 Palestinian exodus and lost their homeland from the Arab-Israel War in 1948.Mohamed Heikkal Ismail


HINDRAF Protest Against ISA

A supporters of HINDRAF hold the banner and shout slogan " People Power " against the Internal Security Act,ISA infront of Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Tower May 11, 2008.


Anti junta protest

Burmese protestors hold a banner for anti junta's government protest infront of Myanmar embassy in Kuala Lumpur May 10, 2008.The demonstrator shout the slogan" Vote No " for their junta as their government pool the referendum on a new constitution will go ahead today May 10 and hold the foreign aids team into the country after the Cyclone Nargis.