Anwar Ibrahim : A sodomy allegation again?

The President of People Justic Party PKR Wan Azizah Wan Ismail show the picture of shaiful Bukhari Azlan (L) in the PDA phone during the press conference in Shah Alam outside Kuala Lumpur June 29,2008.The PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim also claimed that the police report lodged by 23-year-old aide Shaiful Bukhari Azlan was an abuse of the process of law and filed a defamation suit against his aide over claims of sodomy.
Mohamed Heikkal Ismail.


Teddy Bear For Father's Day

The malaysian protester gathers infront of Agong Palace to protest The Internal Security Act ( ISA) for celebrate their Fahter Day's in Kuala Lumpur June 14,2008.The symbolic occasion is to show thats children have been denied the right to meet their fathers during Father Day's celebration.They bring teddy bears as a symbolic gift for their father who are held as detainees in Kamunting Camp under the ISA.Mohamed Heikkal Ismail


Fuel Price Protest

Malaysian people protest due to hiking fuel price in Kuala Lumpur.The protester shout slogan" People Power " during the rally June 13,2008.The goverment have to reduce petrol subsidiary and the petrol prices up to MYR2.704 per litre increasing MYR0.78.Rising inflation is a worry which has cut rates aggressively to stimulate growth in this country. Mohamed Heikkal Ismail / Freelance Photographer